This new coalition of heavy industry companies is collaborating on net-zero tech

It’s easier for some companies to reach net-zero emissions than others—Google was able to get most of the way there just by shifting to renewable electricity. But almost all of its footprint involves the energy used to power its offices and its servers, which is simple to convert to renewable sources. For airlines or steel or cement companies that burn a lot of fuel in their day-to-day operations, there isn’t technology available yet for them to decarbonize at the same speed.

The new partnership brings companies, their suppliers, their customers, their regulators, and their funders into a conversation about how to get to net zero so that they can make concrete plans.

A new coalition called the Mission Possible Partnership, with backing from Jeff Bezos’s Earth Fund and the Bill Gates-founded VC fund Breakthrough Energy, is now bringing together partners in seven industries—shipping, aviation, trucking, chemicals, steel, aluminum, and cement—to accelerate their path to net zero.

To limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius and avoid the worst impacts from climate change, the world needs to cut emissions roughly in half by 2030. The Paris Agreement is pushing countries to set critical goals to make those cuts. But industries like steel or aviation don’t fit neatly within national borders, and the Paris Agreement on its own isn’t likely to lead to the plans that those industries need now…READ ON

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