How to collaborate when working remotely

One of the biggest challenges with working asynchronously is ensuring that all team members feel a sense of belonging across timezones.

Traditional methods of communication and project management might work in a colocated office setting, but don’t necessarily translate to a remote environment. In a video on GitLab Unfiltered (our company YouTube channel where team members share their work with the public), Austin Regnery, product designer on Manage: Compliance at GitLab, and Nick Post, senior product designer on Manage: Optimize at GitLab, talk about the growing pains of transitioning from working synchronously to asynchronously.

“Emails and meetings… [it’s all] email, email, email, meeting, PowerPoint, that’s the modus operandi for how companies collaborated,” says Nick. “And it’s something that companies and teams have really held on to.”

Asynchronous communication challenges the traditional modes of workplace communication, but at GitLab, we’ve discovered that this more modern method of collaboration is more efficient and effective in delivering business value to our customers and helping our team members achieve a work-life balance…READ ON

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