Moët & Chandon x Yoon: The 278-Year Old Champagne House’s First Female Artist Collaboration

Yoon plays double duty in her design life, first as the Creative Director of Men’s Jewelry for Dior, and second, as the founder and creative force behind her own jewelry-turned-clothing label, Ambush.

Dior Men’s Jewelry Creative Director and Founder and Creator of jewelry and fashion line, Ambush, Yoon was tapped for the first collaboration made to the bottle of its iconic Impériale Brut Champagne.

Now, the jewelry designer known for her minimalist, contemporary and streetwear edge (her legion of followers include Rihanna, the Hadid sisters, and Kanye West, the last of which introduced her to Kim Jones, who brought her to Dior) weaves this same sense of minimalism, and even irony, through this Moët & Chandon collaboration.

Yoon is the first female artist to collaborate with the house and the first artist to ever work on the instantly-recognizable bottle of Moët Impériale for which the house is known in the 152-year history of its creation (the house itself is was established in 1743).

First, she stamped the heritage bottle with a very clean, all-caps, white, sans serif font that reads Design By Ambush. The irony of it being so unadorned, so lo-fi, but so obviously bold makes (it feels out of place, and something akin to graffiti tag) being added onto the bottle of something so heritage, so steeped in tradition, definitely adds an interesting factor…

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