Creating a Collaborative Team

Large, diverse, virtual teams of specialists are less likely to collaborate, absent other influences. To get these teams to sink or swim together, it takes deliberate effort from management. When the team focuses on collaboration, workers feel a part of something greater than themselves.

In a study by the London School of Economics, the most productive, innovative teams were typically led by leaders showing task and relationship-oriented skills. 

Teams do well when managers invest in improving social connections and show collaborative behavior themselves. Better teams are formed when employees see teamwork as something be prized and unselfishly offered.

At Standard Chartered bank, the executive team will frequently serve as stand-ins for one another. Each of the executives can fill in for the other for nearly any task despite the business operating in 57 countries across the globe. Internal communication is frequent. This collaboration flows throughout the organization. Workers soon recognize that the most desirable way things get done is by informal networks…READ ON

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