Three Conversation Shifts For Better Virtual Collaboration

We are now well into the first quarter of 2021. While almost everyone now understands that the camera on your laptop should be at eye level to spare us a view of your inner nostrils, communicating well virtually remains a huge challenge.

No matter how much artificial intelligence is added to the mix, we still need people with human brains to collaborate and communicate with. Image credit: Getty

Facilitating collaboration across virtual teams involves accommodating multiple time zones, shifting priorities and a wide range of subject matter expertise. On top of that, there are more demands in terms of community, diversity and environmental goods. Everyone is saying “more please.”

We’ve seen technology adoption accelerate thanks to the pandemic, but it would be a huge mistake to think that technology adoption inevitably leads to better collaboration. The reality is that for technology to work, we need to be more creative, more collaborative and better at handling interpersonal dynamics…READ ON

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