3 Ways To Help Remote Teams Collaborate More Effectively

3 Ways To Help Remote Teams Collaborate More Effectively

One of the biggest challenges for remote teams is effective collaboration. Teams that were once able to simply walk over to each other’s desks to brainstorm and ask questions are now having to do that via email, Slack, or phone or video calls. Add in time zone differences to the mix, and collaboration becomes even more challenging.

Holding routine meetings for the sole purpose of allowing people to share updates, challenges, check on progress, and ask questions is imperative for remote team success. Image credit: GETTY

With remote work here to stay, it’s important for teams to become more adept at collaborating remotely, and they need the right tools and knowledge to do so effectively.

Remote teams collaborating on a project need to be able share and edit files both easily and efficiently. There are many digital tools available for this, such as using Google Docs or Microsoft Word co-edit, but these solutions are best suited for files like documents and spreadsheets. When it comes to projects with a large visual component, sharing across platforms can be more challenging due to file size upload limitations as well as slow download speeds depending on employees’ home internet.

One way to solve that challenge is to use remote access software which allows for files to be shared without needing to upload or download, such as AnyDesk. AnyDesk is a remote support solution designed for online collaboration, file sharing, and remote access control. Employees simply install the software and they’re able to view and share files remotely, without the need to upload them or send them via email…READ ON

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