What’s Next For Workforce Collaboration After The Blockbuster Slack Deal?

The $27 billion acquisition of Slack by Salesforce makes a profound statement about the importance of team collaboration and knowledge sharing across the organization for companies of all sizes. In particular, it underscores the importance of teamwork in sales and customer relationship management. Sales organizations that previously operated with a lone-wolf mentality should look to make things easier in the workplace with real-time collaboration that leads to better results.

According to research from the Brandon Hall Group, as stated by the CSO, Michael Rochelle, “At least 80% use management, work and project teams. Virtual teams are also used by about 60% of organizations and that balloons to almost three-quarters among organizations with 5,000 or more employees.”

While many solutions help teams plan their work, manage tasks and communicate collaboratively, teams often struggle to make learning part of their day-to-day…

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