Mysterious Artist Pak to Collaborate with Sotheby’s for NFT Sale

Amid the crypto art craze that has taken hold of the market, Sotheby’s announced it will collaborate with the anonymous digital artist Pak for a sale this April.

“In the art world there’s been a pivot to digital in almost everything except the art, and now we’re getting there with the art as well,” Charles Stewart, CEO –  Sotheby’s

The auction house’s CEO Charles Stewart said in an interview with CNBC that the sale will include both individual works of art as well as “open edition” NFTs, where multiple buyers can purchase minted tokens for the same work.

The announcement continues the NFT mayhem spurred by Christie’s sale of a work by cult digital artist Beeple last week for $69.3 million. “Obviously [NFTs have] come in a major way into our collective consciousness over the last couple of months,” said Stewart, “Partly that’s linked to the rise of crypto values.”…READ ON

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