Collaboration tools: The cornerstone of healthy hybrid working?

Netrix’s Matthew Feeley talks about the types of collaboration tools we can expect to see more of as we embrace a hybrid way of working.

Will 2021 be a big year for collaboration tools?

The past 12 months have tested our digital literacy like never before and as we edge closer to a hybrid world of work, collaboration tools could provide the connective tissue for successful teams.

Matthew Feeley, vice-president of collaboration product portfolio at Chicago-based IT consulting firm Netrix, spoke to us about what kind of shape collaborative tech could take in 2021.

Will 2021 be a big year for collaboration tools?

Absolutely. While 2020 was the year of collaboration technology adoption out of necessity, 2021 will be the year that organisations explore how collaboration tools can transform internal collaboration and customer interactions. Organisations that historically shied away from using video conferencing with customers found themselves on video with customers for four to six hours a day, and that isn’t going to stop any time soon…

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