Collaboration Is ‘So Much More Important’ Than Competition Adidas & Allbirds Say

“Collaboration is so much more important than competition,” Ridley added. “It’s double the amount of eyes that are measuring and ensuring that we are really pushing it forward.”

In the race for a more sustainable future, collaboration is key.

Leading the charge on this front are Adidas and Allbirds, who announced in May a  partnership to innovate manufacturing and supply chain processes, and to explore renewable material resources together to create the lowest carbon footprint ever recorded for a sport performance shoe.

It was an infrequent and buzzy move from two brands who are seen as competitors in the athletic space.

“It is about realizing that maybe this industry has been in the wrong race for a while,” Hana Kajimura, sustainability lead at Allbirds, told FN during the Fairchild Media Group Sustainability Summit last week. “What if we can expand upon all of that energy we put into breaking records and performance with our products and put that same attention into breaking carbon records. Our scale of impact is not going to be great enough if we go at it alone…..READ ON

The Best Team Collaboration Software Apps to Implement in 2021

Our team collaboration and communication patterns have undergone a sea change in the last year, and 2021 will witness several companies reaching a new level of collaboration maturity. An important part of this process is choosing the best team collaboration software app for your organisation, addressing your industry’s specific use cases as well as satisfying generic productivity requirements. 

Before we deep dive into the best team collaboration software apps that belong on your shortlist for 2021, let’s look at a few trends on the road ahead…READ ON

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