The collaboration between Pastel and Canopy evolves into a strategic partnership

ChatOps transform business operations by enhancing workplace collaboration

ChatOps allows easier and faster collaboration of teams

Today, the world has almost gone digital. Everything around us is filled with technology and thus brings the need to understand it and work with these techs. In a world where “work from home” is the new normal, it becomes necessary to maintain efficient communication to enhance productivity and growth. Staring at screens and virtually connecting with our colleagues might sound easier than in-person conversations. But it gets tiring after a point and since there is no fixed physical workspace, it becomes harder to increase collaboration between the DevOps teams. This is where ChatOps steps in…READ ON

The collaboration between Pastel and Canopy evolves into a strategic partnership

The independent Romanian agencies Pastel and Canopy promise creativity and strategy in online campaigns as they join forces to form a strategic partnership. This comes after an almost 5-year long collaboration where Pastel and Canopy worked together.

Agencies will still maintain their independence as they bring their teams together for a more effective integration of communication campaigns for their clients…READ ON

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