How Leaders Should Collaborate In A Post-Pandemic World

“People are profoundly collaborative” – Adam Phillips, psychoanalyst

The concept of collaboration means many things to many people. Academic literature gives us different definitions of the term. This is because what it means to collaborate is often elusive. However, a consistent theme across successful collaborations is the commonality of purpose, says Dr Lebene Soga, a Lecturer and Programme Director at Henley Business School. He believes that, in simple terms, collaboration is when individuals decide to work towards a common goal. They would often bridge various gaps and boundaries to make resources available to achieve the common goal, Soga adds.

Musical artist Solomun is well versed in the art of collaboration. His highly anticipated album, Nobody Is Not Loved, features an eclectic mix of high-profile guest collaborators, such as Hollywood icon and Grammy-winning Jamie Foxx.

So what lessons can leaders learn from this collaboration?

The process of collaboration is not always straightforward, says Soga. “Individuals must be willing to cross boundaries and forge relationships. This can sometimes be a messy process, but it is this fuzziness that also steers creative envisioning as individuals try various ways to deliver the objective”, Soga adds. Solomun agrees, suggesting, “When we are talking about collaborations, the most important question is: are you the captain…READ ON

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