The Ingredients For Effective Net Zero Collaboration

Between the Paris Agreement’s goal of achieving net zero by 2050 and the UN’s latest report on the severity of climate change, the need for unprecedented speed to decarbonize has never been greater. Making this post-carbon world a reality requires companies to innovate, commercialize and scale a vast array of technologies as rapidly as possible.

trees in the shape of human heads

“When we think about what we can deliver with a startup company, we think about how we can create synergies between us.”

Collaborations between large enterprises and startups are critical, and they offer tremendous potential for all sides. Small companies are capable of moving nimbly and innovating in ways that are often difficult for large companies, especially in fast-growing markets. On the other hand, multinational corporations have expertise in commercializing and scaling their offerings, with well-established access to mature markets around the world.

These partnerships, however, can be challenging to execute well. In fact, a 2020 McKinsey study found that 72% of startups were not fully satisfied with these types of corporate engagements…READ ON

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