Complexity of supply chain emissions forces rivals to work together on net zero

5 techniques to fully develop your team spirit

The new types of leadership that are proposed as a paradigm that break with the old ways of working in teams, teach us the importance of including different dimensions in the management of each of the members of high-performance teams. 

This quality is one of the most important for any team leader. 

These dimensions were not always as important as they are today. Many times because those who lead did not know how to work on these skills that people possess to a greater or lesser extent, and that they have a definitive impact on interpersonal relationships within a team…READ ON

Complexity of supply chain emissions forces rivals to work together on net zero

Whenever companies address their climate impact, they tend to review their own immediate operations. But widely accepted science-based targets — emissions reduction goals based on the 2015 Paris climate change accord — also hold them responsible for the greenhouse gases that are generated in their supply chains.

Not only does this widen the scope of measurement, but it also presents a much bigger challenge.

“For the vast majority of companies, their own operations will be a small proportion of their total environmental impact,” says Tom Delay, chief executive of the Carbon Trust, a London-based non-profit climate consultancy. “So the supply chain is arguably more important.”

This new and tougher reality is dawning on more companies as they work on achieving net zero — or carbon neutrality — a goal that includes Scope 3 emissions, the greenhouse gases emitted through their supply chains and once their products are in use…READ ON

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